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Who We Are..

Diabon is flagship of Hindva, a premium global organisation is a prosperous wing and commercial business journey of M.K Group which was established in the year 1987. In the year 2008, the group introduced its own brand Hindva, and put all group companies under one umbrella. The Group is active in the business of Import - Export & Manufacturing of Natural & Lab Grown Diamonds. The group also ventures into Constructions & Real Estate Development, Textiles, Mining, Hospitality, Education and Pharmaceuticals. Today, with the combination of innovation and excellence, Hindva Group remains as the most prosperous name for its clientele and has earned the tag of being Socially Responsible by remaining active in communal welfare activities. Each of Hindva’s entities are operated independently under the guidance and supervision of its promoters, and with their vast experience and entrepreneurial spirit, The Group has spawned into several industries of National Importance and has moved from National to an International brand.


In 2015, The Group started R&D in Lab Grown Diamonds and started growing diamonds from 2019 under the name of Greenlab Diamond Technology which has its market brand Diabon. It is active into the development of superior quality Lab Grown Diamonds with an immense capacity of Rough Growing to Polished Manufacturing. Headquartered in Surat, with presence in Mumbai, Belgium, Los Angeles and Hong-Kong, with cliental spread across the Globe. Diabon holds a sustainable capacity to deliver all sizes of Type IIa, Conflict-Free and ethically manufactured Loose Polished CVD Lab Grown Diamonds.

Diabon Grown Diamonds is known in the industry for its commitment to innovation and Diabon is one of the major manufacturer & distributor of Loose and Polished CVD Lab Grown Diamonds as well as broad supplier to B2B Clienteles, Retailers and Jewellery Traders globally. Diabon believes in adding value to its customer, and therefore it’s constantly expanding its base and knowledge in product offering and quality standards. It offers various varieties of shapes in diamonds such as Brilliant Round, Cushion, Heart, Marquise, Pear, Princess, Radiant, Square Radiant, Emerald and Oval. The colour ranges from D to J, with varieties of clarities like Hearts & Arrows, Certificated Fine makes, Excellent Makes, Single Stones and Mixed Parcel Category etc. The company has state of the art Diamond Manufacturing facility in Surat which is equipped with latest automation machinery, digitally operated by high skilled personnel, together with accurate planning, prompt production, and the new age quality control system of efficient production.

GreenLab Diamond Technology

Diabon grows diamonds, focusing on creating diamonds that are colorless and hence the technology they adopted is Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition or MPCVD. This Technology has grown to become a prominent process only for the last few years despite being in practice since 1962. MPCVD is a pure and fast diamond deposition process, hence best suited for commercial use. It creates the Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) most effectively among all other diamond deposition techniques.

MPCVD Technology utilizes microwave capabilities to create plasma and facilitate carbon deposition. The technology works at a lower pressure at the optimized conditions, carbon starts depositing, further the seed starts accepting the available carbon, and the natural process of crystallization starts.

Laser technology is essential in diamond value chain as, to control costs, it is imperative that diamonds are cut efficiently, accurately and with minimum damage or loss. Our laser systems use a combination of visual and communications technology to accurately cut the diamond after it is grown.

Diabon holds among the best MPCVD facility in the world and is growing gem-quality diamonds that are pure Type IIa diamonds. It is unparalleled in the quantity and quality of CVD diamonds that it can grow and its ability to work with customers to customize products for specific applications.

We offer our customers the flexibility of buying rough diamonds or specialized diamonds; finished or semi-finished diamonds. This is made possible with the help of our technology and supply chain partners, which are also part of our Global Group.

Diabon is committed to..

Ethical practices that made it eco-friendly to the planet. What this means to you as a customer is the assurance that our diamonds are authentic and properly represented. All of us at Diabon, treasure way of conducting business.

The happiness and edification of our customers combined with the outstanding quality and reputation of our diamonds will always top our list of ambitions.

Diabon inspires..

To create the highest quality, pure and conflict-free lab grown diamonds, enabling a thought shift from mined diamonds to eco-friendly, lab grown diamonds. Since lab grown diamonds don't undermine the sustainability of our environment, future generations are able to have the natural resources they need.

Minimal Environmental & Social Impact

Unlike the energy-intensive and ecologically invasive processes of mining natural diamonds, the procedures of producing MPCVD lab-grown diamonds are ethical with minimal environmental impact. The innovative technology of growing diamonds in laboratory represents a true triumph for the protection of environment and human rights. It also made diamond supply chain transparency possible.

Diabon cares..

We, Since our group inception, spend large amount of its profits each year on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities related to Tribal (Aborigin) Healthcare, Education & Vocational Training.

These initiatives are aimed at improving the overall life of these people who have been deprived of any government aid, due to either their remote locations or government apathy.

Why Choose Diabon ?

Quality we serve..

MPCVD Lab-grown diamonds are created in highly controlled laboratory environments that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the Earth mantle. This controlled environment makes it possible to create the purest form of diamonds (99.99% pure carbon) with fewer impurities and defects than Earth-extracted stones, making lab-grown diamonds whiter, more brilliant and stronger than most mined diamonds.

Assurance & Certifications

Most of Diabon’s Lab Grown Diamonds are certified by International Gemological Institute (IGI), world-class independent gemological laboratory. IGI is globally recognized for its excellence in diamond grading and identification. In addition, every certificate explicitly mentions the 4 Cs of the diamond and its lab-grown origin. The certificate number is laser-inscribed on the corresponding diamond's girdle and may be read under 10x magnification

Fair Trade

Diabon rough diamonds are created by scientists, engineers and technicians in safe and controlled high-tech laboratories. Thereafter, skilled cutters in state-of-the-art polishing facilities transform those roughs into brilliant cut gems. It is ensured that none of the facilities employ child-labour and follow best business practices to reduce their carbon footprint. So, when you purchase a Diabon Grown Diamond, you are sure that it has been created with fair trade as its core value.